LBL Overnighter


This bikepacking route, in Land Between the Lakes (LBL), takes its inspiration from the route for the April Fool's Gravel Camp, hosted by Gear Up Cycles each spring.  Matt Falwell, the event organizer, has come up with a route that we think serves as the basis of a great S240 bikepacking route.  

Trip Details 


Free parking is available at the lodge at Kenlake Resort State Park. 

Day 1

You'll love the variety on this route.  Start your adventure by making your way across Kentucky Lake, via the paved multiuse path and Eggner's Ferry Bridge.

Make use of the paved multiuse trail as you cross over Kentucky Lake into LBL. Ride along a portion of the Central Hardwoods Trail, for some flowy gravel singletrack.

Stop off at the Golden Pond Visitor's Center to top off your water, use the restroom, or purchase a snack or permit before heading north on the Trace and onto the abundant gravel forest roads.  You'll even experience a very short section of backwoods dirt singletrack on the North/South trail.

Head to one of the dispersed camping sites (permit required and available on a first-come, first-served basis) and make camp, dinner, relax, and bed down for the night.

Day 2

After making breakfast and getting packed up, head back out for some more #LBLGravel goodness.  

Stop off and check out the Curry Hollow Fire Tower as you cross over Forest Service Road 131.

Take a break at Ferguson Spring and enjoy the scenic headwaters of Energy Lake on Forest Service Road 324.  

Stop off at the Golden Pond Visitor's Center to top off your water, use the restroom, or purchase a snack before getting back on a portion of the Central Hardwoods Trail, for that  flowy gravel singletrack.

Head back across Eggner's Ferry Bridge via the paved multiuse trail and enjoy your last view of Kentucky Lake, before entering KenLake Resort State Park and returning to your car at the lodge.

Camping and General Info.

Camping is abundant in LBL and ranges from dispersed camping (permit required), available on a first come, first served basis, with several spots to choose from along the route, to Self-Service Campgrounds (no reservation or permit required - pay on-site) to full-service campgrounds with shower houses (reservations recommended). Want a bed the night before or after your ride, get a room a KenLake Resort State Park, where the route begins and ends.

Cell service is sketchy along the route for most carriers.  

Once you enter LBL, the only place you'll be able to refill water will be at Golden Pond Visitor's Center so you'll either need to plan to filter water or carry enough to meet your needs.

Special Thanks

Special thanks go out to the following people:

1) Matt Falwell for sharing this route with us as well as identifying a few of his favorite dispersed camping spots along the route.

2) Mike Duffy, the KenLake Park Manager, for allowing parking at the lodge and being an avid supporter of cycling in the region.

3) Joe Snyder (Instagram as @GravelSasquatch) for being our local guide, identifying a few more dispersed campsites, for introducing a few cool tweaks to the route, and for a being a major stoke spreader for #LBLGravel.

YouTube Video and Trip Gallery

Video footage and pictures from our trip, using this route.

Getting ready to cross over Kentucky Lake

Central Hardwoods Trail

Golden Pond Visitor's Center and Planetarium

#LBLGravel Goodness

A little hike and bike on the North/South Trail

Riding through a corn field.

Endless LBL gravel roads

Sunrise at one of the dispersed campsites

Plenty of trees for hammock camping

Curry Hollow Fire Tower

Headwaters of Energy Lake (Ferguson Spring)

#LBLGravel awaits!

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