RRG Shakedown Overnighter


This super beginner-friendly bikepacking route is aimed at new bikepackers who want to dip their feet in the water, experienced bikepackers who want a quick trip to test out some new gear, or any bikepacker that is looking for a quick get away to Red River Gorge to spend a night in the woods.

Trip Details 


All vehicles on KY 15 or in the Red River Gorge and Indian Creek area north of KY 15 must display a recreation permit for backcountry camping between the hours of 10 p.m. and 6 a.m. Backcountry permits for your vehicle can be purchased at one of the gas stations in Slade, as well as other businesses. During good weather, parking may not be available in the Martins Fork Lot, but should be able to be found close by.

Day 1 - 12 Miles

Start your ride with an overall gradual 1-mile descent down Nada Tunnel Tunnel Rd., heading south on KY-77 and cross over the Red River.  

Just south of the river, you'll turn left onto Little North Fork Road / KY 613 and ride 2 1/2 miles towards the base of Indian Creek Rd, while taking in the beauty of the Red River on your left.  

Start your gravel adventure by heading north on Indian Creek Rd.  Just over a mile up Indian Creek Rd, you'll cross over the creek and road will split.  Turn left to explore the western branch of Indian Creek Rd.  

At 6.7 miles into your ride, you'll reach the end of the western branch of the road.  Turn around and make your way all the way back down to the bridge and follow the eastern half of the road north again.  

At 11.4 miles into the route, you'll pass a barrier beyond which motor vehicles aren't allowed to go.  Just beyond the barrier, there are a couple of designated campsites to the left of the road.

Depending on stream levels on your own adventure level, ride/wade across Indian creek and search out a more secluded backwoods campsite.  

Make camp for the night and enjoy the serenity of the sound of the creek flowing nearby.  

Day 2 - 8 Miles

After getting packed up, make your way back to the base of Indian Creek Rd and return to your vehicle.  

Camping, General Info.

Indian Creek is a popular area for dispersed camping, especially on weekends.  Nevertheless, you shouldn't have a problem finding a nice spot to camp, especially if you are willing to venture beyond the spots where motor vehicles can't go.  

There are bears in the area so bringing a bear bag along that you either hang or store away from your camping area is important.  

YouTube Video and Trip Gallery

Video footage and pictures from our trip, using this route.

Getting ready to ride.

Headed down Nada Tunnel Rd.

Crossing the Red River

Headed towards Indian Creek on Little North Fork Road.

Beginning of the Gravel on Indian Creek Rd

Exploring the western side of Indian Creek Rd

Short break at the end of the western side of Indian Creek Rd.

Head southeast towards the eastern end of Indian Creek Rd

Camp is set up.


Packed up and leaving camp.

Making our way back to the car.

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